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Dr. D. Y. Patil Vidyapeeth, Pune
(Deemed to be University)
Dr. D. Y. Patil Institute of Optometry & Visual Sciences
Pimpri, Pune-411 018 (Maharashtra) India.

Research Activities

Sr.No Students Name Research Topic
1 Shilpa S. kambar Comparison of macular pigment optical density with ganglion cell complex and retinal nerve fiber
2 Sangeeta S. Mitlakod Effectiveness of different method to treat convergence insufficiency
3 Avvaru Siaram Prevalence of dry eye
4 Ram Mohan V. M. Comparative study on baush&lomb monthly disposable spherical soft contact lenses vs J&J acuvue monthly disposable spherical soft contact lenses
5 Bhupendra Ahuja Headache in association with refractive error and other causes
6 Harshal Naphade Use of tropical ribroflavin in c3r
7 Kiran Kumar Gulve Prescribing optical devices in ARMD
8 Anup Kumar Role of axial length and corneal radius ratio in determining the refractive error
9 Kore Chetan Importance of school screening and role of optometrist
10 Vikas C. Kadam Comparison between streak Retinoscope and autoref
11 Tucano Larissa Louis Type of astigmatism (cornea)with respect to age 18-50yrs
12 Md.Abid Ali To evaluate the dry eye in pre and post op LASIK pt
13 Erram Naaz Chaudhary Toric IOL for astigmatism correction an cat RX
14 Durgeshwar K. Mishra Comparison of rural and urban pt of moderate Amblyopia below age of 10
15 Pranav M. P. Prevalence of computer vision syndrome
16 Sayma Bano Refractive error changes after cataract RX (phaco, ECCE, SICS)
17 Salman Warsi Causes of Low vision in new delhi
18 Yogesh Patel Complication and visual outcome after refractive surgery
19 Anisuja K. ARC and uncoated glasses among spectacle wearer
20 Kiran Pinnamaneni Clinical application of OCT in management of ARMD