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Dry Eye

Dry Eye

If you feel redness, itching or burning sensation in your eyes then it may be condition of dry eye. If you ignore these, then it will get more difficult.

Mohit Baranwal (Optometry III Yr.)
December, 24 2022

If you are facing an itchy, scratchy, and burning sensation in your eye often then you might be facing a condition called dry eye.

What is dry eye?

It is a condition in which your tear film is not able to give an adequate amount of lubrication for the eyes.

At first, it may not seem like a troublesome situation. The more you delay the solution, the more complicated your case becomes.

The main cause is the tear film instability which can lead to damage to the surface of the eye.


What is tear film?

Our eyes tear film is made of three layers -

  1. An oily layer - Lipid layer. It makes the tear layer smooth and protects the tear layer from evaporation.
  2. A watery layer - Aqueous layer. It is the middle layer of foreign particles and waste products.
  3. A mucus layer - Mucin layer. Is the most inner layer of the tear film it helps the layer to adhere to the cornea.

Normally our eyes continuously make tear from layers to keep our eyes moist any disruption in three layers can cause dry eye conditions.